I have been working as a Naturopath on the Gold Coast for twenty seven years.  I feel very blessed to have a most rewarding and fulfilling career.  Naturopathy is a way of life that continually benefits my self, family and friends.

My career began when I studied massage and sports medicine to help fund my Naturopathic Degree.  Six years later I was still seeing predominantly elite athletes and teaching massage and aromatherapy at TAFE.

The next phase of my career involved working at the Southport Park AMCAL Chemist.  Pharmacy life was extremely busy and very rewarding.  I had the wonderful opportunity of seeing lots of people with fertility issues.  To this day helping people achieve their baby dreams brings me great joy!

Another group of people dear to my heart that I saw a lot of at this time, were the children on the ASD spectrum.  These young people made my heart sing and still do.

A change of ownership at the pharmacy and my first pregnancy, saw my practice move home for awhile…The highlight of my life, the birth of Lilian Rose.  Being a mum contributes everyday to me being a better person and a better naturopath.

Giving birth with the guidance and support of the beautiful and skilled midwife, Terri Benstead, opened the way for my career to incorporate ante-natal care and homebirth support.

My dear friend, Kathleen Irwin and I had done a training course in ‘Hypnobirthing’.  As a result of its benefits during my labour, midwife Terri, became a qualified hypnotherapist and came to work at Dove Cottage.  We  had great fun sharing knowledge and skills.

The first Chirn Park ‘Dove Cottage’ was a little wooden house with its name on the door!

As more babies were born under our care, my career became blessed with even more primary care of babies and small children.  In these years I think the men that visited sometimes felt out of place!

I think I will always love seeing children and caring for their health.  I am gentle and loving in my approach, and thoughtful of my presence in their space.

It is wonderful to have been practising long enough to see the children of children that have visited ‘Dove Cottage’.

Eight years after Lilian was born, my gorgeous son, Cody, graced us with his presence.  We soon moved ‘Dove Cottage’ home to Paradise Point.  These years were marvellous as we had more time for our wonderful clients; more time for me to learn; more time to embrace technology and share knowledge.

In November 2016 we found “Naturopaths On Grice” a cute office space in the village of Paradise Point.  We feel very at home here.

We have time to see cancer patients and those with chronic illness.  Time for weight loss journeys and balancing hormones.

In the past people often had to wait months to get an appointment and now they can generally come when they need too.  This makes me very happy!

I am doing good work with lots of different people, ‘Dove Cottage’ is now a general practice where the whole family is welcome to experience to the wonders of natural medicine, and all it has to offer the body and soul.