Tanya Goldie

I have been working as a Naturopath on the Gold Coast since 1991. I feel very blessed to have enjoyed a rewarding and fulfilling career in natural complimentary medicine. Naturopathy is a way of life that continually benefits myself, family, friends and clients.

My career began with therapeutic massage and sports medicine while studying to be a Naturopath. Six years on I was still seeing predominantly elite athletes and teaching massage and aromatherapy.

The next phase of my career involved working at the Southport Park AMCAL chemist. Pharmacy life was extremely busy and very rewarding. I had the wonderful opportunity of seeing lots of people with fertility issues. To this day, helping people achieve their baby dreams brings me great joy! Another group of people dear to me who I saw a lot of at this time, were children on the ASD and ADD spectrums.


These young people make my heart sing! A change of ownership and the arrival of my first baby (who is now 20) saw my practice move home for awhile. Being a Mum contributes everyday to me being a better person and a better Naturopath. Giving birth with the guidance and support of the beautiful and skilled midwife, Terri Benstead, opened the way for my career to incorporate ante-natal care and home birth support. We trained in hypnobirthing and worked tighter at the first “Dove Cottage” in Chirn Park. As more babies were born under our care, my career became blessed with even more primary care of babies and small children. I will always love seeing children and caring for their health. I am gentle and loving in my approach and thoughtful of my presence in their space.

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