How Much Protein & Vegetables?

May 2, 2013

potatoesHow much protein & vegetables should my children be eating? I found this chart which from a professional point of view I agree, would be a wonderful way to eat. Also from being the mother of a vegetarian daughter and one ‘meat & potato’ son; I find it alarming! This chart is a reminder that every mouthful counts & every meal matters! It comes from a book by Antonia Kidman called “Fussy Eaters”. This book also has a good reward chart concept for trying new foods.

Age of ChildProteinFruit ServesVege Serves
1-3 years14-18 grams (2 cups milk)1-22-4
4-7 years18-24 grams (1 cup milk plus 80g fish)1-22-4
8-11 years27-38 grams (30g cheese, 1 cup milk)1-23-5 (plus a few almonds)
12-18 years42-70 grams (120g chicken, 2 eggs, 6 almonds)3-44-9

Grams of Protein Table

Actual grams of protein will vary slightly by brand & product.

FoodGrams of Protein
Chicken Breast, Lean Beef, Lean Lamb 120g20
Fish 160g Fillet20
Canned Tuna 100g25
Egg, whole6.1
Egg, white3.4
1 Cup soy milk5-10
1 cup cow’s milk8
1 cup cow’s milk skim8.4
Yoghurt, plain, 1/2 cup3.9
Yoghurt, plain skim, 1/2 cup6.5
Tofu, 90g7-10
Cottage Cheese 1/2 cup10
Hard Cheese 30g7
Ricotta Cheese 60g7
Sunflower Seeds 28g6.5
Pepitas 28g7
Chickpea 1/2 cup7.25
Soy Beans 1/2 cup14.3
Kidney Beans 1 cup13.3
Potato 1 baked4.7
Baked Bean 220g20

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