Please note pathology testing is NOT covered by medicare.

Cell wellbeing epigenetic hair test - $120

Sample sent from home or taken in clinic



Referrals for an extensive range of Nutripath and QML tests are available during consultations

with Tanya.

Available tests include:

Allergies and food intolerances - approx. $285 for 96 foods - IgG reactions.

Hormonal testing - saliva or blood - fertility, menopause, adrenal and male health - prices start at $22 per hormone.

Complete digestive stool test - coeliac testing; cancer markers, H.Pylori, inflammation markers, gut function - prices vary

Stool test for parasites, bacteria and viruses - 24 hour turn around -$75

MTHFR testing Buccal swab (non-invasive)— approx. $75

Pyrrole urine tests - approx. $75

Heavy metal testing - approx. $135

Haemaview testing - $30

Note: QML tests are available during consultations with Tanya