School Sores, Staph, Strep & Impetigo

May 2, 2013

How to identify School Sores

When mozzie bites or eczema patches seem to have baby lesions.
The primary sore/bite is surrounded by little red dots/ circular sores.
School sores can spread quickly to other parts of the same body or to other family members.


Natural Treatments

Topical treatments are enough if school sores are treated quickly. If the infection takes hold an internal natural antibiotic will be necessary. Chemical antibiotics such as cephlex or dicloxacillin are necessary if the infection site is close to the brain or is not responding to internal natural antibiotics.

Topical Treatments

Be careful not to cross contaminate when applying.
You can use a combination of these treatments.
Tea tree oil baths 2-8drops
Tea tree lotion -8drops into 3 tablespoons of witchazel lotion/ aloe vera gel.
Oregano oil – 1-2 drops on the soles of each foot twice daily.
Poultices – 1/2 teas green clay, 1/2 teas manuka honey, 3drops tea tree oil, 4drops of goldenseal tincture; keep covered.
Antibiotic gel – add to a base of 1 tablespoon of aloevera; 5drops Tea tree oil, 10drops calendula oil, 4drops of goldenseal tincture.

Internal Remedies

Available from health food shops and your Naturopath…

  • Goldenseal tincture
  • Olive Leaf tincture
  • Echinacea tincture
  • Calendula tincture
  • Cinnamon combined with Thyme tincture
  • Manuka honey and Manuka tincture
  • Colloidal silver
  • High Potency garlic in high doses
  • Multi strain probiotics

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