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[spoiler title=”From Ruth Gurner MA, BMus, AUA, LMusA, IYTA” open=”1″ style=”1″]

My pursuit of health and well-being…a life-time of learning, experimenting, growing and experiencing…covers many aspects, I’ll just list a few and keep it brief. I guess winning some big vocal competitions as a teen and in my early twenties (‘Stairway to the Stars’, Advertiser Aria, ABC Vocal & Concerto Competition and an Overseas Scholarship to the London Opera Centre started me on my road). I pretty quickly realized that my good singing was dependent on really good health. Obviously if you’ve got a cold you simply can’t sing as well, in fact you can lose your professional contract if you cannot deliver the ‘Voice’!

While at the Royal Opera House Covent Garden, having the exciting experience of singing on stage with Pavarotti, Domingo, Carreras, Kiri Tekwana (she and I swapped roles at one stage at the LOC) and countless others, I noticed many singers trotting off to special classes in a technique called Alexander Technique. Then I discovered Yoga, and the pains I had been experiencing from long hours of standing on stage, of back, neck, leg cramps, shoulder aches, all started to diminish. My breathing, so important for a singer, was enhanced. I became fitter and more resistant to the colds and ‘flu that were forever passing around the singers at the Garden, rehearsing as we were together, for long hours and in confined conditions.

Back in Australia, singing professionally as soloist for the ABC all over Australia, also engaged in roles for the opera companies, I finally moved to Queensland, singing professionally as a regular soloist with The Queensland Opera. It now became increasingly important to stay as well as possible. I by then had a child and she wanted to go to a naturopath, so my long association with Tanya Goldie began and happily continues for both my daughter and I to this day.

I credit my health which is jolly good for my age, to my singing, yoga, life-style, and in great measure to Tanya and her guidance and insights.

My way…

  • I take a well-balanced amount of herbs and vitamins every day, along with a fairly balanced diet.
  • I sing and teach voice, thus I am activating, among many other things, the chakra (energy ) system as recognized in yoga.
  • I teach yoga each week thus helping my skeletal system, working to balance mind, body and spirit.

Within these activities comes a lot of work on awareness (to ease relationships in my group work and family) thus reading and study are a part of my life to help to deepen my ability to cope without over-stressing, but instead being able to pace myself. Also there are benefits gained by deep breathing in both singing and yoga, posture awareness (helps all of the body to operate more effectively and allows better space for organs, lungs and for better spine alignment ), vibrations that pass through the system during the act of singing actually stimulate various parts and help to activate the chakra system. (As shown by Dr.Tamais to help,when working to heal the Benedictine Monks).

I’m still working at achieving a balance in all things…benefiting from Tanya’s wisdom and as I get older enjoying the freedoms it offers, while balancing this with the restrictions imposed by the act of aging! My husband and I occasionally acknowledge some of the things that are no longer so easy to do and get warmth and support from a shared awareness of these changing times…but mostly I only feel 35…that’s my eternal age!!