Organic Coconut Oil

May 2, 2013

Organic Coconut Oil…A truly heavenly anti-aging food. Suitable for the whole family…I love using coconut oil! You can look up the internet to read all it’s health benefits which include everything from reversing dementia to gum dis-ease. Different to many cure-alls I have found coconut oil to be miraculous. It is something we should use internally/externally most days.


If you are having difficulty getting your children to eat it, put a tea-spoon and dessertspoon in their bath a couple of times a week. We absorb 70% of what goes on our skin!

Ways to Use Organic Coconut Oil

  • 1 teaspoon in a cup of tea (I am not a tea drinker so this one isn’t for me)
  • Use in cooking, as you would any cooking oil —you can safely heat/fry. It suits fish, chicken, rice, vegetables, pancakes.
  • Use in baking – see our coconut butter shortcake recipe.
  • Use in smoothies—you can’t really taste or smell it if you use banana, berries, cinnamon and/or cacao.
  • Eat off the spoon—even a teaspoon per day helps.
  • Use for ‘oil pulling’ an Indian medicine technique that works for gum disease.
  • Use as a moisturiser neat on your skin. Many of my clients do this daily without looking, smelling or feeling greasy. They use small amounts.
  • Use as a base oil with any essential oils for massage oils, baths/body oils.
  • Use as a personal lubricant.
  • Use as a barrier cream or nappy rash cream. A brilliant anti-fungal also great for cleaning off the poop! Coconut oils is safe for babies except those with a salicylate sensitivity. Patch test before use.

Coconut oil is wonderful for pregnant women.


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