Favourite Spring Esential Oils for Energy

October 14, 2012

Rosemary Essential Oil – Adults. Rosemary oil is wonderful for complete physical and mental exhaustion. It’s warming properties relax & revitalize muscles and stimulate brain function (especially memory). Rosemary oil helps the liver which is vital for energy production. People with hang-overs, post-viral syndrome, fibromyalgia & chronic fatigue will benefit using Rosemary oil.


Ylang Ylang Essential Oil – Adults. The aphrodisiac & euphoric proper-ties of Ylang Ylang uplift the body & spirit. A few drops of Ylang Ylang, Rose & Sandalwood in a carrier oil makes the most delicious massage/bath oil or perfume. Ylang Ylang calms a fiery, cranky mind and ignites fire in the belly. The essential party oil to enjoy!

Mandarin Essential Oil – Children. The effects of a few drops of chamomile & mandarin oil in the bath of an overtire child is amazing. Mandarin oil encourages a cherry disposition and is invaluable for tummy upsets and colic.

Chamomile Essential Oil – Children. A gentle and nurturing oil. I don’t know what I would do without this magical oil. Great for pain, teething, tummy aches & cranky, restless children.

Aromatherapy Application Please refer to our Winter Newsletter for dilutions and doses. Remember to always patch test diluted essential oils before use. Oil Burner Add 5-10 total drops of essential oil in vapouriser. You can make your own blend with up to three different essential oils. Massage 5 drops essential oil with 10ml carrier oil to make a gorgeous oil for your massage!

Facial/Body Oil/Aftershave 5 drops essential oil to 10ml carrier oil for soothing blend. Perfume 7 drops essential oil to 10ml carrier oil. Dab on your pulse points to maximize the benefits.

Therapeutic Bath 5 drops essential oil to bath water.

Foot Bath 5 drops essential oil to large bowl or foot bath


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