Treating Mastitis Naturally

September 18, 2014



There are 3 stages to mastitis –

1. Inflammation with possible blockage. The area is pink, swollen and sore.

2. Inflammation and local infection. The area is very red with at least one hard lump that is very painful.

3. Local and systemic infection with symptoms of fever, body aches and pain, hallucinations and possible puss and blood in the breast milk or secreting from the breast. Red lines radiate from the original infection site.

The third stage of mastitis needs medical attention and close monitoring.

  • Draining the breast – After feeding your baby from the affected breast, fill a hand basin with hot as you can stand water.  Lean over the water immersing the breast.  Using olive oil and long downward, draining strokes massage the breast working out any lumps or congestion.  Remember to massage right from the glands in the armpit.
  • Raw grated potato poultice- After feeding your baby from the affected breast grate a raw white potato and completely cover the affected breast.  Place an old washer / cloth over the breast and wear a bra to hold in place. The bra will be stained purple from the potato.  Leave for 2 hours before washing the breast and feeding again.
  • Green Clay and Manuka honey poultice-  After feeding your baby from the affected breast and draining it, make the following poultice and leave on for 2 hours or for as long as possible before washing the breast and feeding your baby again. One desert spoon of green clay; 10drops of golden seal; 2 drops of tea tree oil; one desert spoon of manuka/medicated/ raw honey.  Mixed well together to make a paste.
  • Supplements and remedies – The best treatment is a herbal antibiotic and lymph draining remedy which must only be used under supervision as these are strong herbs and not suited to all babies and nursing mothers. The remedy may contain Echinacea, goldenseal, clivers, poke root, burdock, thyme, olive leaf, blue flag and garlic.

Vitamin C powder; garlic in food or capsules; probiotics (taken separately to garlic and other antibiotic remedies; homoepathics such as phytolacca, kali sulph, kali mur, calc flour and silica.

  • Lots and lots of water, fresh juices, herbal teas and soups.  Not drinking enough water and not resting enough and the primary causes of mastitis.
  • Being a long term breast feeding, working Mum ( I have fed for 6 years of my life) I have had mastitis (all stages) dozens of times. I usually finish work as soon as possible.  Feed my baby as painful as this is. Have a huge dose of vitamin C.  Drain the breast. Apply a green clay poultice. Have another huge drink of water.  Go to bed wearing several layers of clothes and 1-2 blankets and go to sleep.  If it is still there when I wake up I make up some herbs and rest etc  some more.


Hello Tanya.
What about a sub areola abscess? Can i avoid surgical drainage.It’s been at least 2 weeks and its firm and as big as my entire aerola. I’m pretty sure it developed from mastitis. I no longer breastfeed (not that I ever did successfully anyway).

Hi I’m in Sydney any recommendations of where to get the herbal antibiotic? I had a fever and bad body aches 2 days ago. I’m trying activated charcoal poultices but am interested in trying the potato poultice too. The mastitis spread to the other breast and the first is still not better. It’s day 3 now.


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