Favourite Winter Essential Oils

May 14, 2013

Lemon Essential Oil (solar plexus chakra) is a strengthening & versatile oil. Lemon clears the mind & tones the body. Traditional uses: circulation problems, fluid retention, cellulite, lymphatic congestion, dry or chapped skin, colds, flus & coughs.


Lavender Essential Oil is great for any season! A wonderful and comforting, gentle oil.. Lavender brings inner peace & acceptance (third eye chakra)). Traditional uses: headaches, anxiety, nervous tension, ‘sharp’ pain, depression, sleeplessness, prevents fainting, allergic reactions, burns, earache, cold, flu, sinus & fever.

TeaTree Essential Oil is the ‘great green snot remedy’! It is antiviral & antibacterial, stopping those germs from taking hold. If your children have been around lots of germs or have snotty noses, a few drops of teatree in the bath does wonders. Traditional uses: bites, stings, thrush, urinary tract infections, colds, viral flus, upper respiratory infections, chicken pox, cold sores & itchy skin.

Tea tree, lavender, & lemon as a chest rub, foot rub, bath or in the oil burner are beneficial for all winter ills.


Always patch test the diluted oil before using on children for the first time.

  • Age 6months to 2 yrs – 1-2drops of essential oil to 10ml (2teaspoons) of carrier oil.
  • Age 2 to 5yrs – 2-3drops of essential oil to 10ml carrier oil e.g. 1 drop lavender, 1 drop lemon, 1 drop teatree as a chest & foot rub and bath oil.
  • Age 5 to 10yrs – 3 – 4 drops of essential oil to 10ml carrier oi.
  • Age 10+ – 5 drops to 10ml carrier oil
  • Adults – 90 drops to 100ml carrier oil .

If you are pregnant it is best to check with your health care professional as to which essential oils you are able to use during different stages of your pregnancy. A beneficial way to still enjoy the essential oils is in a vapouriser .

Lavender, lemon & tea-tree used topically are safe for all stages of pregnancy.


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